Frequently Asked Questions

Q)  How do I place an order?

A)  Placing an order with us is simple. You can simply place your order online at, email us at or simply message us on our Facebook page here.

Q)  How do I make payment?
A)  We accept bank transfer or credit card payments through third party gateways such as Stripe. See more information here

Q)  Does Belle Fever have any stores in my location?
A)  Belle Fever accepts orders from all the corners of the world online at, the reason we can keep our prices low is due to no costly shopfront overheads, keeping the savings in your pocket.

Q)  Can I pick up my order?
A)  As we pack all orders in batches it can make it quite difficult and time-consuming to pull a particular order out. In some cases we may allow it for special circumstances, so please contact us beforehand at

Q)  Do you ship to my country?
A)  Belle Fever ships worldwide, $7 for US & NZ, $9 for UK & Canada. Other international postage is a fee of $19 or free for orders of $99 and more. We are not responsible for any custom tax and charges and recommend that you find that out from your country's requirements.

Q)  How much is postage cost?
A)  Standard tracked post Australia wide is $7 and $19 for international postage or free shipping on all orders of $99 and more. Express postage within Australia is available for $14.90 (this covers metro areas as per Australia Post). For the exception of US & NZ which is $7, UK & Canada which is $9 flat.

Q)  Does shipping time estimates include order creation?
No, shipping time estimates are provided by Australia post and does not include the time to create your order. Personalised designs are all handcrafted by hand from scratch. Urgent orders are possible depending on the design, however, please contact us first to organise this.

Q)  My tracking number has no events or updates?
Due to the number of packages we send out every week, each package is not scanned in by Australia Post over the counter. As a result of this the tracking details may show up as "no events" and have no update until scanned by Australia Post when it arrives at the sorting or delivery centre. If you have concerns and there is no update 3-4 days after you have been informed by us that your package has been shipped, please feel free to contact us or Australia Post directly and we will assist in helping you get an update from Australia Post.

Q)  If I miss my package and it gets returned, how much is the re delivery fee?
A)  If your package is returned to us by the postage service provider for whatever reason, we are able to re deliver it with the following, standard tracked post Australia wide at $7 and $19 for international postage. Express postage within Australia is available for $14.90 (this covers metro areas as per Australia Post). For the exception of US & NZ which is $7, UK & Canada which is $9 flat.

Q)  Can I change a shipping method or shipping address?
While your order is in progress, changes to shipping method or shipping address is possible. However, once an order is completed and in line for packing and photos it is no longer able to be changed. Once an order is completed and distributed to the packing team, the orders are all mixed and the packing team has the responsibility to pack them asap and have them ready for collection by the courier, due to the nature of this, to find one order amongst the packing team is like looking for a needle in the haystack and will not only delay that single order, but every other order in that batch, so once the order is completed and given to the packing team, no shipping . changes are possible. Please ensure you place the correct address and shipping method when placing your order.

Q)  I received the order timeline, does it really take that long?
No, the order processing timeline outlined, is just a full view of our full process and the amount of work that each piece requires. However, here at Belle Fever, we have a whole team working on your order so that your order is completed in a much quicker timeline

Q)  I need my order urgently.
A)  Normally a correctly  ordered  purchase will take 15-21 working days to deliver during normal time. Due to the large volume of sales we are unable to promise everyone early postage. However we have put on extra staff and will endeavor to get your order to you before your request. Please be advised that a postage selection of Express Post, does not affect production time and dates displayed on the product pages are estimated dates.

Please note that due to the popularity of our Belle Fever pieces during the lead up to Mother's Day, Father's Day and Christmas, we are unable to offer our normal shipping arrangements or cut off dates.

Q)  What is the difference between Sterling Silver and Monel Silver?
A)  Monel Silver looks and even seems like sterling silver but has more of a white gold rhodium finish, the better difference is that it does not require any maintenance, does not corrode (will never go black) even with contact of human sweat (unlike the tarnishing in sterling silver), becomes more shiny as you wear it and is strong and not flexible, a similar grade to titanium. We guarantee that you will not be disappointed with Monel silver. It is NOT to be confused with Industrial Monel Metal. Belle Fever materials are 100% hypoallergenic, not causing any allergic reactions, skin irritations or discolouration. Completely allergy free.

The advantages of Monel Silver
Unlike Sterling Silver, Monel Silver will never disappoint you!

    Monel Silver jewellery never needs to be removed when having a shower.
    Going to the beach, cleaning or whenever you are in contact with water or body oils and sweat
    It will continue to remain shiny and will not discolour or become dull.
    Monel Silver jewellery requires no cleaning and no maintenance.
    You can keep your Monel Silver jewellery when applying makeup or hairspray.
    Monel Silver will continue and improve its shine day by day as its used.

Q)  What address will my purchases be sent to?
A)  At the time of order you will be asked for your details. The shipping address is the address that your orders will be sent to.

Q)  There is a spelling mistake/I have received the wrong order
A) Please contact us at stating your order number and issue. We will rectify the issue at hand immediately. If it is our error we will replace it at no cost.

Q)  What is the Design Layout Service?
A)  Our Design Layout Service is where you can work with a Belle Fever designer on a custom piece or if you want to see your layout design. 3 revisions/changes are included in this service. If you would like a certain symbol, layout, font or design and would like to see it before it is in production, we recommend that the design layout service is added to your order.

Q)  I have a custom design/symbol/font/language I would like, can you do this?
A)  At Belle Fever you will rarely hear the word NO! There is always a way we can work together with you on a dream design you have always wanted, that means so much to you. Our professional designers will come up with a way to make your design just the way you want it. Drop us an email at with what you have in mind, along with any rough sketch you have, and we can make it into a reality.

Q)  How do I measure my size for bracelets and rings?
A)  The best way to find your size is, if you have an old bangle trace the inside on a piece of paper and measure from one end to the other to get the diameter. Or you could get a string and wrap it around your wrist, checking that it slips over your knuckles comfortably and then measure the string and put your measurements in cm in the notes. We also have a guide here. If a wrong size has been ordered, these can be resized for a resize fee of $15 in silver or $29 in the gold.

Q)  Can I get a different chain length cause mine is too long/short?
A)  We can exchange your chain within 14 days of receiving your item, chain must be in original condition. Please send it to PO Box 6008 Rouse Hill Town Centre NSW 2155 with a note of what length you would like to exchange it to (contact us to find out if we have availability, and please include a self-addressed stamped envelope to send your new chain).

Q)  How should I clean my Belle Fever pieces?
A) Frequently wash with soap (phosphate-free) and warm water. Dry immediately.

Q)  What does the Belle's TLC Package cover?
A) The Belle Fever's TLC Package offers you assurance of future protection for your valued purchase. You can arrange a Jewellery Care Package in either a 1 year or 3 year Package, over the complimentary 6 months cover (valid from date your piece has been sent). The Belle Fever's Care Package covers the following maintenance of your purchase:

  • Inspection and Cleaning
  • Replacing clasps
  • Re enameling
  • Chain and bracelet repair
  • Earring repair
  • Tightening stone settings
  • Refinishing and polishing
  • Resetting stones
  • Repairs & Re-conditioning

Q)  Should I use chemical dips to clean my pendant?
A)  No. Although these dips clean jewellery at an accelerated rate, they are too strong and you may end up removing an important layer of the pendant's surface. When this happens, your pendant might get damaged.

Q)  Why are the links not soldered?
A)  Belle Fever do not solder links on your pendants to allow easy replacing or disassembling of the pieces. However, all our links are super thick at 1.5mm and made by hand so can not bend easily. They are strong and will hold your pieces securely in place.

Q)  Can Belle Fever repolish and clean my jewellery?
A) Yes we can. Send your piece of Belle Fever jewellery to us we will repolish it and return it to you for a fee of $29.00
NOTE: Please include a self-addressed 500g Express or Tracked Post satchel.

Q)  Can I inscribe at a later stage?
A) Inscribing is included with most Belle Fever pieces at the time of purchase. For non-inscribed products or if you are looking to add a name at a later stage after the initial purchase, then an inscription fee will apply according to the piece/s you wish to inscribe and what you wish to inscribe, generally a re inscription fee is $15 for a silver piece and $29 for a gold piece. Please contact to get further details.
NOTE: Please include a self-addressed 500g Platinum Express or Registered Post satchel.

Q)  Can I inscribe on both sides of a Belle Fever piece?
A) We are happy to announce that most of our pieces can have back inscriptions for an extra $15 for the first piece and $5 for every other piece of the same pendant. Click here to add the option.

Q)  Do I have a tracking Number?
A)  Yes all parcels have a tracking number when postage is standard or express. When your order is completed and sent, you will receive an email confirmation and your tracking number that can be tracked on Australia Post's website At times trackings experience a delay in updates, Australia Post has said to wait a few days until your package arrives in the local facility centre.

Q)  How do I contact Belle Fever?
A)  We are purely an online store and provide as many avenues to be contacted. You can contact us via email here, via Facebook messages here Belle Fever or phone (02) 8211 0228 during business hours. We try to assist and keep our customers happy and pride on our customer service.

Q)  Are your products solid Gold and Rose Gold?
A)  No we do not work with solid Gold and Rose Gold as a material. This is to keep the cost affordable for you. Our materials are of high quality and if worn and taken care of, can last for a very long time. The look of our yellow gold is similar to that of a 14k gold colour. Our base metal is Monel Silver and the gold is infused and bonded to the silver. This is NOT gold plated or gold filled.

Q)  Do you have White Gold?
A)  We do not offer a white gold option as our monel silver already has a unique white gold look finish and feel that to have this option is not required.

Q)  How are Belle Fever Jewellery packaged?
A)  Every Belle Fever jewellery comes beautifully displayed in a Belle Fever luxurious leather wallet that compliments the beauty of the pendant and makes it ready to give to that special someone as a heartfelt gift. Belle Fever gift boxes are also available as an added option, that also includes a complimentary double layer polish cloth.

Q)  I am allergic to sterling silver or fashion jewellery, can I wear Belle Fever Jewellery?
A)  This is where we can proudly say that Belle Fever jewellery is hypo allergic and nickel and lead free! Our materials are a similar grade to titanium and will not tarnish, fade or discolour.

Q)  Can I wear Belle Fever Jewellery in the shower?
A)  Yes you can wear your jewellery in the shower and at times this actually cleans it, however once you are finished, we recommend that you thoroughly dry the pieces to avoid residue build up.

Q)  There are scratches on my jewellery?
A)  As with any piece of jewellery, light surface scratches can occur, all our pieces are handcrafted and hand polished. If you have a concern you can contact us at and we will assist you. Please bear in mind that all stacked pendants (i.e Tower of love, mothers disc double pendant, etc...) are pieces on top of each other so when they rub light scratches can occur, to prevent scratching on these type of designs, a thin layer of film is placed between the pieces to minimise movement and rubbing. We are happy to clean and polish your jewellery for you so please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

If your question or concern is not addressed here, please feel free to contact us at and we will respond within 48 business hours.

Please read Belle Fever's Terms and Conditions for further information here including refund policy

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Please contact us if you have ANY issue at all, most of the time it is an easy fix and something that can be resolved. We want you to have a pleasant experience with us and will try our very best to assist with any issue you may have in a quick and fair manner :)