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Our Story

Hi! I am Sarah, the founder of Belle Fever.

Let's get something straight right off the bat: If you are looking for something mass produced, generic and things you can get at any jewellery store, then we are not for you.

During my younger years, I had always wanted a name necklace that I could personalise but they were like over $100 in the stores and coming from a family with three girls, it just wasn't on my parent’s priority list.

In my teenage years, I received a surprise on my birthday. Yes, you guessed it, I received my very own sterling silver name necklace and I was never going to take it off!!! There was one problem though. As weeks went by, my sterling silver personalised name necklace began to look cloudy and turn black with tarnish so, sadly, I had to take it off. I tried all the "home" solutions that many people advised me to do to get this tarnish off (professional cleaning was just too costly), such as tooth paste, baking soda and salt, but nothing worked so I put it away. This continued to happen with all my sterling silver jewellery, so I decided to find out what was wrong with me.

I found out that my skin was very acidic which caused the sterling silver to tarnish in really bad condition in less than a month (those of you who have the same acidic skin as me will know what I mean). Yes, in less than a month. I decided to speak to some blacksmiths who suggested titanium jewellery but because titanium is such a strong material and super tough to work with, there can only be limited designs and name necklaces were not one of them. To cut a long story short (that involved a lot of testing and failed attempts), we came up with our own materials (similar to titanium) and named it Monel Silver, with the same strong, anti-tarnish, and anti-allergic qualities but easy to work with and could be used to create the beautiful pieces you can see at our online store. I started by making personalised custom jewellery for myself and people (sometimes strangers) who approached me and asked me to create one for them.

Three years later, on the 14th of February 2012, Valentine’s Day, (still remember that day like it was yesterday), Belle Fever was born, named after my daughter Isabella, the baby of the family (after having three boys), a big dream in a small workshop behind my house. I wouldn't say that I know everything there is to know about jewellery - but pretty darn close!

The dream was simple (which is also our mission):

  • To allow everyone to capture those Moments in Life;
  • To create unique designs that make us as unique as our personalities;
  • To be able to keep love ones close always;
  • To make it affordable for everyone;
  • To start a family heirloom that can be passed on to generations; and
  • Quite simply to solve all your gifting ideas with something different yet affordable for everyone.

Today, I am at where I want to create that special piece for people to hold close the moments in life. Whether it be a new mum experiencing her first baby's touch, an unspoken word of encouragement for someone going through the storms of life, or simply just to show off your family proudly. No matter what the moment is, we have a design for it! Does that sound like you?

Please take a look at all our designs at our online store. It's fast, simple and if you need help, we are just a click away.

Meanwhile, we are all waiting to help you capture that moment in life and bring your dream piece to life.

I promise you this: Every Belle Fever piece is created with love and that even after you receive it, we will still be there for you no matter what!


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